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Personal Details

Name: Richard Porter

Born: Banstead, Surrey, 25th February 1946

Marital status: single

Politics: Founder member of SDP, but did not join Lib-Dems.

Religion: Jedi Knight :-)

(right) Fun at the fair, Epsom Downs. (Photo: T. Paterna)

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1953-1957: Smitham County Primary School, Coulsdon, Surrey
1957-1965: Reigate Grammar School, Surrey
1965-1968: University of Bristol, Dept. of Physics


1969-1970: Marley Tile Company, Riverhead, Kent.
1970-1988: Computer Analysts & Programmers Ltd. (later Sema Group plc)
1989-1995: STC Telecommunications/BNR Europe, New Southgate
1995-2002: Nortel UK Ltd, Maidenhead


1946-1968: Chipstead, Surrey
1969-1970: Chipstead, Kent
1970-1990: West Croydon, West Wickham, Shirley (Surrey)
1990-1996: New Barnet, Herts.
1996-Present: Maidenhead, Berks.

(left) At parents' home in Suffolk. (Photo: T. N. Porter)


Kit Cars and Motoring:
Committee Member and Webmaster of the Mini Marcos Owners Club;
Owner of Mini Marcos and Mini Jem cars, builder of a Mini Marcos
Member of Thames Valley Mini Club and Institute of Advanced Motorists.
Newsletter editor, Webmaster and Group Qualified Observer for the Thames Valley Group of Advanced Motorists.


(above) At home with Mini Marcos (left) and Mini Jem. (photo: A. Tripod)

Sound Recording:
Treasurer and webmaster of the British Sound Recording Association (formerly the Federation of British Tape Recordists), previously FBTRC membership secretary, contest secretary and editor of Recording News (not at the same time!)
Sound recordist and webmaster for Maidenhead & District Talking Newspaper
Presenter, recordist and founder member of Cleveland News & Views talking newspaper (1976-78, 81)
Sound recordist with The Enfield Microphone TN (1992-96)
member of a number of modern traction preservation and enthusiast groups including:
Webmaster for Marlow-Maidenhead Passengers' Association.
Volunteer with the Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance Trust.
Musical Tastes:
Country, Bluegrass, Old Timey, Country-Rock, Cajun, some folk.
but definitely NOT line dancing, cowboy hats, guns and gospel.
Member of the British Country Music Association.

Computing Platforms

  • Acorn Kinetic Risc PC 300MHz, RISC OS 6.16.
  • Apple PowerPC 7500/100, MacOS 9.1.
  • Apple Macbook Pro 15", MacOS 10.7 Lion

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