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SiteMatch   SiteMatch

SiteMatch is a utility for synchronising remote web sites with prototypes on your RISC OS computer.


Groupcheck is a utility that checks the !Newsdir.MsgServe.Groups file against the spool directories and reports any discrepancies. It can be used to find lost messages and orphan groups.

Current version: 0.8 3rd April 2009

This version has been amended and tested up to Spool.76.76.76, Group 456532.

Download zip file (about 6kB)


GetUploads is a utility to download files in a remote directory which aren't present in an equivalent local directory. It is intended to retrieve files uploaded to a web server by visitors e.g. photos or BBS messages. It does not recurse subdirectories.

The program uses FTPc and Armsort.

Download zip file (about 2.5kB)

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