Synchronise Your Web Sites

Created by Dave Edwards


This program runs under the RISC OS operating system including RISC OS OPEN, Virtual Acorn and other emulators.

SiteMatch is a utility to synchronise your web site with a local copy (in your filing system). Using a local file to store the last saved state of your web site, it tells you what files have been added, changed, deleted or are unaltered (it does not examine your site on the remote server). Here is a screen shot of the main window (version 2.38):

SiteMatch 2.38 main window

SiteMatch will allow you to update your site automatically using sFTP (version 0.46), FTPc (version 1.29 or above) or psftp. It will optionally set the permissions on your perl scripts for you.

You can also save new and changed files to another directory which could be on removable media or on a remote share. This enables SiteMatch to be used to create incremental backups of any directories.

Sitematch requires RISC OS 3.60 or later. It is written in Basic and is 26/32bit agnostic. However you need to have a recent version of the ArmSort module for 32-bit machines. This is supplied with the current archives.

SiteMatch cannot currently be used by more than one user on a multi-user system.
Zip file

SiteMatch Version 2.45a (10-May-2013)

This is a formal release incorporating the changes tested in beta release 2.44.

The main change is the addition of a “FS” client to permit the destination site to be accessed by file sharing (ShareFS, LanMan98, etc.) or located on the local file system including memory cards and USB flash drives (but not inside the local root directory).

Some clutter has been removed including FTP defaults in Choices (the default client is FTPc) and the “Use ftp://” option in Add/Edit site. The “Script only” option is only available via the FTP menu.

Please refer to the ReadMe file inside the archive for upgrade instructions.

Zip file

SiteMatch Version 2.46d Beta (30-December-2016)

Fixes bug in FTP > Script only.
Fixes bug in reset with excluded changed objects.
Fixes bug in include object and include after.

Summary of Changes

If you want to know what’s changed between SiteMatch 1 and SiteMatch 2 look here.
You may also wish to refer to the History file inside the application.


To download SiteMatch please click on the Zip icon for the appropriate version.

Get David Pilling’s free SparkPlug utility if you need something to unpack the zip archive.

Please note that the latest version of ArmSort is required for 32-bit computers. This is included in all of the archives shown above.

SiteMatch cannot alter your local web site, but it can modify files on the server so until you are confident with a new version check that the listed updates are correct before doing an upload. As long as you don't set auto-compare before upload, and do set the display flags for New, Modified and Deleted, SiteMatch only uploads the changes you can see.

I have not retested the program with sFTP or with an alternative FTP command. I am grateful to those mentioned below for testing the program under RISC OS 5 (32 bit Iyonix PC).

Current and Recent Issues

The known problems which may or may not have been fixed are shown here.


The program is maintained by Richard Porter to whom all bug reports and suggestions for improvement should be sent.


  • First and foremost, Dave Edwards for thinking up and putting the whole program together.
  • Andrew Ayre who wrote the original Dr.Wimp without which this program would probably not have been written, and
  • The late Ray Favre who maintained Dr.Wimp and was incredibly helpful in suggesting ways to implement some of the new features.
  • Colin Granville, the author of FTPc for his assistance in getting SiteMatch to work with his excellent ftp client.
  • Martin Avison for his ArmSort module which greatly simplified the programming.
  • Frank de Bruin and Tim Powys-Lybbe for testing version 2 on Iyonix.
  • Bryan Hogan for providing and testing the changes needed to support psftp, and
  • Theo Markettos for his SSH (Secure Shell) software.

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