Fire at Budgens, Furze Platt, Maidenhead

fire at Furze Platt
The fire began in the roof or first floor of the building at about 11pm on Tuesday 7th August 2007. It wasn't until around midnight that the roof collapsed and the fire fighters were able to get to the fire. Around 70 firefighters were called in, with no fewer than six tenders, two turntable ladders, a mobile mess and other support vehicles. Five apartments on the first floor over the adjacent shops were evacuated by police.

Damping down was still going on at lunch time on Wednesday. The other shops in the block remained closed although the firefighters successfully prevented the fire from spreading to them. The roof and first floor storage area of the supermarket have been completely gutted, and the stock was written off.

The morning after

Photos: © 2007 Richard Porter

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Last updated 10th August, 2007