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RCTS Visit to Reading Traincare Depot, 22nd January 2015

Thanks to our hosts from First Great Western.

Acton Depot Open Weekend, 15th-16th March 2014

Buses on display.

Clevedon, Somerset, 13th-14th April 2013

Jem Marsh’s 83rd Birthday Marcos Gathering.

Beeches Light Railway, 2nd September 2012

Steaming day at Adrian Shooter’s Train Set.

Prescott Revival, 12th August 2012

Marcos and more on Prescott Speed Hillclimb.

Settle & Carlisle Explorer, 25th April 2009

67006 and 40145 West Ruislip to Carlisle and return.

Metro-land Heritage Day, 14th September 2008

Sarah Siddons, 1938 stock Art Deco Train and Classic Buses at Amersham.

The Royal Duchy 5th April 2008

Paddington to Penzance with D1015 “Western Champion”

The Irish Mail 14th January 2008

Ealing Broadway to Holyhead with D1015 “Western Champion”

Minis By The Sea, 2nd September 2007

A few snaps from the Worthing Mini Show.

Fire at Budgens, Maidenhead, 7th-8th August 2007

Dramatic photo of the fire which destroyed the roof and upper storey of the Furze Platt store.

I.Mech.E. Meeting 13th June 2007

Marcos and Morgan cars at Qinetiq.

Shop Talk - What They Say and What They Mean

A glossary of misleading words and phrases.


Why I scream at the radio.

Gunwharf Quays Mini Day, 13th May 2007

Minis and more at Portsmouth.

Eurotech Marcos Model

Some photos of Eurotech's cast aluminium model made in 2000.

TW Marcos Gullwing Model

Mattingley Marcos Meeting, 2nd June 2004

Web browser colours

Mega horsepower at Thames Valley combined Marcos club meeting - no fewer than
three new Mantises, an LM400GT, two Mantaras and, oh yes, a Mini Jem!


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