Shop Talk

What They Really Mean

This is a list of words and phrases found in shops and on products together with their real meanings.
Suggestions for additions to the list are always welcome!

What They SayWhat They Mean
Only ...An extortionate ...
...ReadyNot ...
SaleWe're selling something.
OfferWe're selling something.
Up to ...You'll be lucky if it's anything like ...
BargainsWe're selling something.
Great pricesLarge prices
Prices reducedWe've been overcharging.
3,000 price reductionsthere's a load of stuff we can't shift.
19.99Twenty pounds, but we want you to think it's ten.
FromA lot more for the one you want.
85% fat free15% by weight is fat.
Buy one get one freePay for two even if you only want one.
Half price / 50% offThe price is half some mythical price we never sold any at.
25% Extra Free25% extra but you still have to pay for it.
ClearanceStuff we can't sell.
ValueNot necessarily good value
Everything must goIt's not worth keeping.
Cost CutterWe cut costs, not prices
Energy savingEnergy using
Seriously (or fabulously) fruityWe can't say it actually contains fruit.
Perfectly balancedWe weighed the ingredients.
Price commitmentWe're committed to prices.
Price checkedThe price is as high as we can get away with.
Love Life(more meaningless garbage)


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Last updated 28th April, 2012