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SiteMatch   SiteMatch

SiteMatch is a utility for synchronising remote web sites with prototypes on your RISC OS computer.


Groupcheck is a utility that checks the !Newsdir.MsgServe.Groups file against the spool directories and reports any discrepancies. It can be used to find lost messages and orphan groups.

Current version: 0.8 3rd April 2009

This version has been amended and tested up to Spool.76.76.76, Group 456532.

Download zip file (about 6kB)


GetUploads is a utility to download files in a remote directory which aren't present in an equivalent local directory. It is intended to retrieve files uploaded to a web server by visitors e.g. photos or BBS messages. It does not recurse subdirectories.

The program uses FTPc and Armsort.

Download zip file (about 2.5kB)


TreeCheck is a diagnostic aid for scanning SafeStore™ file list (the Tree file). It may be useful if you get the message:

Error: The file list has become corrupted - please use the Force Refresh option

It flags missing directory start and end records giving the line number and full pathname at that point. This makes it easy to correct errors in the Tree file, which may be a lot quicker than doing a complete “Force Refresh”.

Download zip file (about 10kB)

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