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Summary of Changes

This page lists the main changes and enhancements between SiteMatch 1.13 and SiteMatch 2 (as at version 2.44).

The planned changes for version 2 were:

  • Separate Select site, compare, upload and reset functions so that one button or menu does one thing.
  • Make Reset a button instead of a menu option, as it was originally.
  • Make the reset warning/confirmation message optional.
  • Rename the old site file as a backup before creating the new one.
  • Provide a new menu option to exclude all changes from a given point. This is useful if your connection goes down in the middle of a large upload, as you can then do a partial reset and upload the remaining files.
  • Add additional icons for file types commonly used on the web.
  • If there are no changes on an upload, display a warning and do not launch the FTP client.

BUT I got a bit carried away ...

  • I redesigned the data areas to avoid duplication of data, and the WimpSlot can be cut by about half.
  • The work file “sites._temp_” is no longer produced.
  • The maximum number of sites is configurable (default 20). The configuration variables are held in file <SiteMatch$Dir>.config and not in the program source.
  • A new case-insensitive match option which is be settable per site is provided from version 2.09.
  • If a site file is missing a new one will be created on a reset.
  • The choices and site list files are now in <Choices$Write>.SiteMatch. If these files are not found they are copied from the application directory. This will simplify future updates.
  • The “Local Sites...” option on the main menu has been replaced by “Add new site...”, “Edit this site...” and “Remove this site”.
  • The “Remove site” and “Add new site” buttons, and the site menu have been removed from the Edit Site window as they are no longer needed. Site selection is done on the main window.
  • The “Toggle display” option becomes “Indented list” and is ticked when selected.
  • Icons and menu options are disabled when they cannot be used.
  • Pressing Escape during a Compare now reverts the site to the uncompared state instead of quitting the program.
  • A new menu option, "Include 'filename'", marks an unchanged file as modified so that it gets uploaded.
  • The file size is shown in the main window, and the site and upload statistics can be displayed.
  • There is a facility to submit the last created FTP script to the FTP client.
  • The file type icons have been renamed to their hex codes, which removes the need to convert file types to ASCII names during the compare. Some additional file type icons have been added.
  • Error message if total path length for an object exceeds 250 characters.

... and users have suggested some improvements:

  • The auto-compare facility has been reinstated but is optional and can be enabled following site selection, before doing an upload and after doing a reset.
  • You can also request a compare by clicking Adjust on Upload or Reset.
  • Clicking Select on a display flag refreshes the main window accordingly as long as the site has been compared, and without doing a new compare. Click Adjust on the display flag to avoid this.
  • You can select hex or text format for the file type in saved text files, and also RISC OS or Unix style pathnames.
  • The site data have been moved to the left of the main pane to reduce mouse movement.
  • An icon bar menu option is provided to edit the configuration.
  • The default pathname style can be set in Choices.
  • The performance is improved by between 30% and 40% on a largish compare (7,000 objects) over version 1.13. The WimpSlot can be reduced to about 30% of that previously required.
  • A new display flag has been added to show or hide excluded objects. The default status can be set per site.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are provided to toggle between indented and plain displays, and to toggle between RISC OS and Unix style pathnames.
  • You can click 'Upload' before a site has been compared, in which case SiteMatch will do the compare first and then do the upload if anything has changed.
  • A Choices... option is provided so that toggling the Exclude status of a directory can be propagated to all the contents of that directory apart from unchanged objects. Also, Including a directory includes all its unchanged contents.
  • A further tweak to simplify and reduce the internal data structures. This does not affect the file formats.
  • Clicking Select or Adjust on the site root directory now works the same as for site objects.
  • The site name is now displayed in the main window title bar. the former site name icon has been removed.
  • The time and date of the last reset are updated when doing a reset.
  • A check is made that the site file is the right one.
  • The FTPc login string is assembled in SiteMatch, removing the need for an alternative client interface (FTPc2).
  • A new facility to save new and changed objects to a local device or directory, and optionally produce a list of deleted objects.
  • A new facility to compare each site in turn checking for any changes.
  • Interactive help added as a configurable library.
  • The config and WimpSlot files will be written to the Choices:SiteMatch directory, and read from there if present.
  • New error message if running out of memory, replacing "too many nested structures".
  • A button icon to go to the next site or scan sites for changes.
  • "Add site..." instead of "(none)" on sites menu if no sites present.
  • Clicking Select on Reset recompares without rescanning local site (Adjust does rescan).
  • Support for psftp added.
  • FTP window abolished, replaced by submenu and additional facilities on Edit site window.
  • FTP client and chmod value now settable per site.
  • The chmod value is validated.
  • Display of excluded objects now handled like other display options.
  • Adjust reverses the effect of auto-compare on Upload and Reset.
  • Double click on site URL (to open root directory or parent) won't leave icon selected.
  • FTP menu option to open script in editor.
  • Directory won't be updated if only the timestamp has changed.
  • Armsort module version 4.08 included.
  • Multiple users with different sites enabled.
  • FTP script moved to scrap directory.
  • A new menu option to include unchanged files with a timestamp later than that of a selected object.
  • A design modification to save memory - pointer arrays combined.
  • Indented (tabbed) display shows all directories.
  • FS client option to use File System or File Sharing destinations (including flash drives, LanMan98, etc.).
  • Default client options removed from Choices. The default client is FTPc.
  • New option to select secure mode in FTPc.
  • Tweak to avoid *Sort name clash with !CoreUtils.

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