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Current and Recent Issues

Error 'Too many nested structures' is a result of too little memory. It can be avoided by increasing the WimpSlot values in the <SiteMatch$Dir>.WimpSlot file, or in the !Run file up to version 2.19. The Config... option on the icon bar menu will do this for you if the program loads. A new message has been added in 2.36j.

'Flash Class Error' from ArmSort. Fixed in ArmSort version 4.01.

The path length of any object from the local site root directory must not exceed 255 characters or you will get a "string too long" error from the Basic interpretter. This is handled without aborting from version 2.10, but the restriction is set to 250 characters to allow "put " to be prepended for the FTP script. It is possible that paths over 125 characters could cause problems further on because both local and remote paths are included in the FTP script.

If you keep more than one version of SiteMatch and add or remove sites the site files in the other copies will get out of sync with the Sitelist file in Choices. This will now produce a warning message if the site file does not match the currently selected site. You can proceed in order to update your site files in line with the new sitelist but you will lose any changed objects in that instance of SiteMatch. You are not advised to run more than one version!

There is a bug in the indented display in releases 2.22 to 2.31, which causes the first character of root level objects to be omitted. Fixed in 2.31.

If you update from an earlier version (pre-2.22) and have exclude strings set in any site profile, you must clear all excludes before doing the first reset after updating SiteMatch.

SiteMatch occasionally loops when doing a compare on a new site having previously updated another site. Fixed in 2.32f.

Abort on data transfer when loading. This affected version 2.32 only and was due to the wrong templates file in the application. Now fixed.

Zip file type DDC shown as unknown. Fixed in 2.34c.

Can't create directory in USB flash memory root directory. Fixed in 2.34d.

Keyboard shortcuts and F12 don't work (2.34 only). Fixed in 2.34f.

Counts truncated to 4 digits. This was a problem with the templates. Fixed in current archive for 2.36b.

Missing user help functions. Fixed in 2.36d.

Incorect ticking of 'hide excludes' menu item. Fixed in 2.36g.

Some problems associated with running the aplication from scratch, with no sites added, have been addressed in 2.36h.

Headers written in wrong order when creating new site file, resulting in warning message on first Compare. Fixed in 2.36j.

Window not resized after 'Exclude from here' with excludes hidden. Fixed in 2.36l.

Alternative FTP command not handled correctly. Fixed in 2.38.

Still occasionally getting "The site file ($) does not appear to be for this site. Continue?". If you continue it appears that SiteMatch has failed to load the correct file and spurious changes are displayed. The change in 2.40d should fix this.

On multi-user systems SiteMatch can only be used by one user or the site list and site files can get out of step. This will be addressed in a future release.

Crash with interactive help enabled on Choices window. Current downloads of 2.39 and 2.40 fixed.

Not saving last updated date in sitelist or sitefile. Fixed in 2.40f.

Not sizing window correctly on loading when auto-compare on select site is set. Fixed in 2.40g.

Site stats gave junk when size overflowed 32 bits. Changed integer to FP. Fixed in 2.42b.

Can't add new site from main menu. Introduced in 2.42c, fixed in 2.42e.

Reset with excluded, modified objects fails to exclude those objects. Fixed in 2.44c.

If you select 'Add site' and then back out to previously selected site you lose site details. Solution is to remove close icon and change Revert button to Cancel. Fixed in 2.44d.

Selecting FS destination before setting site directory crashes program. Fixed in 2.44e.

No memory for DIM at line 69 due to old WimpSlot file. Corrected for 2.43 and 2.44.

Hourglass left on after 'exclude from here'. Fixed in 2.44f

Abort on data transfer at line 1572 after Escape during compare when 'Upload' is clicked. Fixed in 2.44f.

FTP menu enabled when FS is selected. Fixed in 2.45a.

On main menu, going to submenu, returning to main menu and moving pointer over exclude or include blanks filename.

Spurious display after "Exclude from here" in some circumstances. Clears with fresh compare.

FTP menu - Script only submits script. Fixed in 2.46b.

Reset with excluded changed objects leaves spurious deleted object. Attempted fix in 2.46c.

Include didn't work if no other changes. Fixed in 2.46d.

Fails to load site on systems with !Bash and !CoreUtils. Fixed in 2.48.

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