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Contact Us

If you are unable to visit the group at its monthly meetings, please make enquiries to:
Group Secretary
Ashley House
1 Binfield Road
RG40 1SL
0118 979 4215
07850 303965
Please follow the group on Twitter (@IAMThamesV) and facebook.

Find more infomation about iAM RoadSmart and the Advanced Driver Test.

If you have a general question about the Group or the IAM please check first with our Frequently Asked Questions list.

For comments about the legacy web site please contact the Webmaster. If you are reporting a broken link please include the URL of the page it is on and the link text or the URL of the link itself.

To contact the group please send an email message to the appropriate committee member (e.g. secretary, chairman, editor, etc.) @tvgam.org.uk. If in doubt please mail the webmaster or secretary who will forward your message to the appropriate person. It will help if you include your postcode.

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