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Calendar of Events

General meetings take place at Holyport War Memorial Hall (map), Moneyrow Green SL6 2NQ unless stated otherwise. Other meetings are
held at Knowl Hill unless advised otherwise. Please refer to the Members’ section or Observers’ section as appropriate (logins required).

N.B. Getting Started days are for current Associate members who have purchased the Advanced Driver Course and have joined this group.
They are not for people wishing to join iAM RoadSmart. Prospective members are most welcome at General Meetings.

Getting Started days are currently suspended because of COVID-19 precautions.
The group is changing the format so that new Associates can view an induction video online.

In-person meetings are suspended until further notice.

January 2021Thu. 28th20:00-22:00General Meeting
FebruaryThu. 25th20:00-22:00General Meeting
MarchThu. 25th20:00-22:00General Meeting
AprilThu. 22nd20:00-22:00AGM
MayThu. 27th20:00-22:00General Meeting
JuneThu. 24th20:00-22:00General Meeting
JulyThu. 22nd20:00-22:00General Meeting
AugustThu. 26th No meeting.
SeptemberThu. 23rd20:00-22:00General Meeting
OctoberThu. 28th20:00-22:00Zoom Meeting
NovemberThu. 25th20:00-22:00General Meeting (usually quiz)
DecemberThu. 23rd(Ho!)3No Meeting

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