Introduction to the Site

Exhaust Notes began life at the end of 1996 as my personal web site with Argonet, of which I was a shareholder and founder subscriber. It was christened Exhaust Notes at the beginning of 1997.

My aim in setting up this site was to provide as much information as possible in a simple format which should be accessible from any browser. The site was for some time devoted to the Mini Marcos Owners Club but this information has now been rehosted at and my current ISP site, Minijem Plus.

The Soundhunters pages including the British Sound Recording Association can be found at

This site now acts as a pointer to the other sites which I maintain, and as a repository for anything else I feel like putting on the web.

Argonet closed its ISP operation in 2005, and the site was then rehosted with its own domain name. It is now part of my umbrella site ( which is hosted by

The What's New page lists changes in the current and previous uploads and provides links to the changed pages. The last-updated date is shown on every page, and there is a link to the home page at the bottom left.

Technical Information

For compatibility reasons (and because I can't be bothered) no use is made of javascript, java, cookies, cascading style sheets, shockwave flash or XML. The use of framesets has been eliminated. Newly updated pages are being validated to the W3C HTML 4.0 Transitional standard. I fully support the aims of the Any Browser Campaign.

The site is prepared on an Acorn RiscPC running RISC OS 6.10 (Select) and is checked on NetSurf (latest build), Fresco 2.13, Oregano 1.10 and Firefox 1.5 (Deer Park 2) on RISC OS and Netscape 4.7, Netscape 7.0, Mozilla and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1 on MacOS 9.1 and Safari on MacOS 10.5.3.

Richard Porter

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Last updated 20th December, 2006